Security Guard Services

Our security guard services are based on a complete analysis of your needs and vulnerabilities. Additionally, the security consultation contains recommendations on both personnel and equipment in order to cover all your security issues and mitigate your risk. Our guards are committed to ensuring the highest levels of service and professionalism at all times. Every security guard is required to undergo a complete background check prior to being accepted for employment. Furthermore, each guard must pass the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services licensing requirements.

A consultation with our staff will enable you to create your own customized security solution that best matches the needs of your company or organization. You can then rest assured that we have taken every measure possible to ensure the safety and and security of your premises. Our strong reputation has been built up over 35 years, so you are dealing directly with a company that has an excellent track record in delivering what they promise.

Dedicated vehicles are marked to your design & standards

Guard Services for

  • Commercial Facilities

  • Industrial Complexes

  • Private Communities

  • HOA (Home Owners Associations)

  • Special Events

  • Shopping Centers and Plazas

  • Executive Protection and Security Escorts

  • Airport Security

Alarm Response and Fire Watch

We also provide fire watch for large industrial complexes and alarm response for active clients.

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Our free security consultation gives you a detailed examination of the potential risks associated with it and offers solutions for how to avoid threats in the future. Contact us today – we’ll be happy to answer any questions!

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