Security for Retail Centers

We provide security guard services to retail businesses in shopping centers for the purpose of protecting you from loss and liability. Our guards are fully trained and certified by the State of California as Registered Guards.

Being in charge of security is a big responsibility. Unfortunately, many retail stores or shopping centers do not give proper attention to the need for security protection because they believe that it would be too expensive to hire a security firm to protect their shopping center or plaza. As a result, many of them suffer from loss or even worse being held liable because of a lack of security. This is why it is important for you to take the necessary steps and measures that will ensure that your business or tenants will be protected from theft or any other problem as well as liability issues such as

slip and falls, loss, assault, vandalism, and many other situations.

Security guards can provide protection for stores and shopping centers by reducing the chances of robbery and theft as well as vandalism. They are trained not only to protect your merchandise or product but also the people outside of the stores. In addition, they are able to respond properly in emergency situations such as accidents, injuries, violence and fire.

Patrol for Shopping Centers, Plazas, and Retail Commercial Facilities

Patrol service for shopping centers is a cost affordable solution to security verses contracting for a guard. The number of patrols per day is matched to the shopping complex requirements. This can include door checks, dropping off of patrol slips at the location, and securing specific areas of the property.

  • Cost affordable

  • Alarm response

  • Fire Watch

  • Dedicated vehicles are marked to your design & standards

  • Level of service tailored to your requirements

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