Securing Your Industrial Complex

Every industrial environment has unique requirements. We offer several guard functions to meet your special security needs. After we perform our security consultation, we will provide one or more of the following recommendations. Operating a secure industrial or manufacturing plant and keeping employees safe can be a challenge. Our guards are trained to recognize safety hazards and respond by taking appropriate action. We’re also able to provide the following industrial/manufacturing plant services:

  • Access control

  • Removing and reporting of trespassers

  • Managing emergency and weather-related preparedness planning

  • Visitor reception, sign-ins and badging

  • Real-time incident reporting

  • Escorting visitors

  • Performing lighting inspections

  • Crime statistics reporting

  • Visitor management

Patrol and Guard for Industrial Complexes, Manufacturing Facilities, and Warehouses

While we can provide guard services, patrol service for industrial complexes is a cost affordable solution. The number of patrols per day is matched to your requirements. This can include door checks, dropping off patrol slips at the location, and securing specific areas of the property. Fire watch is also an important aspect of industrial properties.

  • Fire Watch

  • Alarm Response (for existing clients)

  • Dedicated vehicles are marked to your design & standards

  • Level of service tailored to your requirements

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Our free security consultation gives you a detailed examination of the potential risks associated with it and offers solutions for how to avoid threats in the future. Contact us today – we’ll be happy to answer any questions!

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